Top Perks of Glass Display Cabinets

If you are in the jewelry trade, you need a display cabinet that will make your products stand out in terms of virtual appeal. In fact, in the marketing cycles, they say that products nicely arranged are half-way sold. Different versions of glass display cabinets are available from reliable suppliers both online and offline. Here are top reasons why you should invest in such storage facilities.

They make your display organized

With various compartments in varying sizes, glass display cabinets can make your display more organized than ever. Customers love nicely displayed items that are easy to view and select according to their preferences. Instead of putting each piece of jewelry in a separate box, a glass cabinet with compartments makes it easier for you to organize the items based on sizes or design for your customers.

Glass display cabinets protect the items

Once placed inside, you can rest assured that your jewelry pieces are secure. Besides, the transparency of the glass material makes it easy for customers to view the products in all angles without even touching them. Jewelry products are delicate and the protection offered by the glass is just adequate.

Glass cabinets provide excellent presentation

This is important especially during an exhibition activity, where various competitors are present to showcase their products. With a glass cabinet, you can have that competitive edge over your peers when your products look more presentable in the cabinet.

Different versions of glass display cabinets exist in the market. As a user, you should know what you want before you approach a supplier for glass cabinets. For example, glass materials are available in different layers, which you can choose from, according to the purpose of your cabinet. Common versions of glass cabinets include laminated glass, toughened laminated, security glass, and bulletproof glass materials.

Laminated glass: this is the cheapest version of glass cabinet in the market. In that design, a plastic interlayer that minimizes the effect of impact on the glass joins two layers of glass. You can find out more about the version from reliable suppliers glass cabinets in your area.

Toughened glass: manufacturers use a similar process to that used in the laminated glass. However, toughened laminated glass undergoes additional step to increase its strength. In the end, it is tougher than the ordinary laminated glass. If this is the design of glass cabinet that you need, you should contact reliable suppliers of glass cabinets such as Showfront in Australia.

Security glass: sometimes known as bandit glass, this version of glass is stronger than the other two versions already mentioned. While the manufacturing process is almost the same, security glass has thicker glass panels and a thicker interlayer.

Bulletproof glass: this version of glass comes with additional layers of glass and inter-layers that can slow down bullets and trap them between the glass layers.

Based on the type of commodities that you want to protect, you should choose the right display cabinet with the right type of glass. Suppliers of glass cabinets are available both online and in physical stores.