Staff Ratio: Make Sure to Consider It in Choosing Aged Care Villages

Families who are planning to send their senior loved ones to any aged care villages in Australia must be aware that, in this country, there is no mandate on staff ratio in this type of establishment. There are also no set minimum skills and knowledge levels for each of the team members providing care to residents.

The truth is, if you are not careful in selecting aged care services for your elderly, you might end up with a low-standard aged care facility that employs unskilled care providers or people who have limited knowledge in palliative care. It might also be that the aged care facility has a poor caregiver-to-client ratio.

The Importance of Proper Staffing

The bulk of expenses in aged care villages is spent on staffing. As a family of a resident, you should be more meticulous and cautious in checking the rosters of staff at your chosen aged care residence. You might be dealing with companies handling aged care that are more inclined to focus more on profits than the services and benefits that they can provide to the elderly.

Professional organisations have warned about aged care providers that don’t advertise the real staffing mix they have in their facilities. They also advise consumers to consider staffing as a major determining factor in selecting an aged care company. An aged care home must have nurses who work 24/7. So, when getting permanent care Keilor Downs has, for example, check if they have a sufficient number of nurses for their clients.

It is also important to check if the residential home you have in mind has no record of any misconduct among its staff members. It’s important to assess the aged care home’s reputation, particularly among its former clients.

Arcare Staffing

The Arcare aged care company is one of the aged care service providers that enjoy a good reputation among its clientele. The dedicated staff assignment approach that Arcare implemented is sufficient reason for you to consider them as your top choice for Australian personal care.

The following are some of the features of this approach that Arcare upholds:

  • Employees are committed to working for a minimum of three shifts a week.
  • All employees–from the care providers and nurses to the food caterers to the environmental staff–attend to the same small set of clients every time they go to work.
  • The aged care facility welcomes feedback from residents and their families regularly.

The main benefit of this approach is that it is easier to build a committed and consistent relationship among the residents, the families, and the care providers. Families are certain about who is taking care of their elderly loved ones. That is why Arcare is known for developing deep, committed, and trusting relationships between their caregivers and their residents.

Their aged care villages also have an in-house Quality Audit Team that can monitor the roster of residents and speak with the residents, the families, and the staff to figure out if there are any lapses to the implementation of the dedicated staff assignment approach.

Arcare, as a global leader in aged care services, believes that the physical and spiritual well-being of any elderly is directly linked to the quality of their relationships with their caregivers, and the people who are closest to them. For more information, visit their website at: