Garage Doors:Why Sectionals Are a Favourite

What’s the first thing you see when passing by most residential property in Melbourne?

The backyard? Maybe.

The house itself, of course.

But, what about that particular section tucked at one side of the house? The one that houses the property owner’s vehicle/s and other miscellaneous tools?

We’re talking about the humble garage. And the garage doors are actually one of the most prominent features that you’ll find in residential exterior and can actually make or break the overall look and purpose of your garage.

Now, when thinking about installing a new garage door, one of the most favoured Aussie options is the sectional garage doors.

Sectionals Garage Door Described

Also known as the panel lift garage doors, sectionals feature a series of horizontal panels hinged together, forming a solid and reliable garage door. These doors are designed to operate in a track system, allowing the doors to vertically open via a curve and following the tracking across the ceiling.

What Makes Them Popular?

  1. Superior security and durability

A sectional garage door features minimal pivot points and making them very hard to break into, thus offering advanced security unlike other types of garage doors.

In addition, sectionals are extremely durable, with each section designed with its own connection to the track. So, when a panel gets damaged, you can repair or replace it without having to repair the whole door.

  1. Uses minimal space

Sectionals are designed to use the headroom in the garage. There are no doors to swing out or pushed on the side since it opens and rises vertically.

So, not only does it takes up minimal space within your garage, but sectionals are also great for the small driveways.

  1. Protection against the elements

Garages are where you park and store your trusty family car or that expensive sports car you just brought or other handy tools for gardening and your DIY projects. It can also be a space for working out and storage for your workout equipment.

Sectional garage doors are designed to fully seal and enclose your garage. Thus, they help protect your valuable cars and other handy tools inside your garage from garden debris, wind, snow, and rain.

  1. Automatic or manual opening

Most homeowners will have the options between an automatic and manual garage door. Whichever you prefer, sectionals can be fitted with either option.

This type of garage door can be operated by hand with the use of a key and lock or motorised for your convenience, making garage parking easier than ever.

  1. A broad range of designs and colour choices

Another reason why sectional garage doors are a popular choice is that they are available in a broad range of colour and design options.

They are highly versatile, suiting a range of house styles from the modern Aussie home to the classic Queenslander homes and everything in between. They can feature powder-coated colours or even have a timber look for a natural, stylish statement.

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