Features that when Updated Transform the Look of your Bathroom 100%

While remodeling a home will largely depend on your budget, it’s said that Australian homeowners will spend an average of 47,984 dollars on a home renovation. However, this figure should not scare you out of your renovating dream. You don’t have to renovate the whole house as a whole, and you can start room by room and progress slowly to the finish as funds become available. Traditionally, the bathroom is among the smallest rooms in most homes. Despite this, there are plenty of choices to choose from when you get into remodeling it. In fact, there are styles that might even accentuate the size of your bathroom. This article dwells on some of the basic features to consider in your bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs professionals recommend.



When it comes to selection of sinks, the bathroom renovations Melbourne eastern suburbs market is flooded by a plethora of styles, features as well as accessories. First thing when it comes to installation of sinks should be measuring the space that’s available to determine the sink that will fit in best. It’s always advised that 30 inches be left between the sink and its pedestal. This space is usually left to give room for clearance.  The kind of sink will also heavily influence the material they will pick for the sink. Vessel sinks, for example, usually appear in glass, bronze and other unique materials only.

Faucets and other bathroom fixtures

Your bathroom look is also heavily reliant on bathroom fixtures like tub handles, control knobs and even shower heads. What’s more, these fixtures are not costly yet still will transform the look of a bathroom. Additionally, your bathroom renovator Melbourne has will help you determine the best faucets and finishes for your bathroom owing to the fact that these play a significant role in the overall décor of your new bathroom.


Countertops also play a crucial role in the overall look of your bathroom. Therefore, whatever material, style or color you are going with, it should be attention arresting. Among the most popular choices for materials on countertops are the granite and marble or synthetic materials. Also there are natural stone options. While granite can be expensive, laminate countertops are worth consideration if you are on budget.


The cost of replacing bathtubs is often among the most expensive endeavors in most bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs professionals conduct. However, there are things you can still do to totally transform the look of your bathtub without replacing it necessarily like adding new tiles or replacing the tub handles. Most of these fixtures will cost you less yet totally transform the look of your bathroom. However, if you have the money to completely replace a tub, then ensure you invest in professional bathroom renovators Melbourne has as unprofessional installations can result in leaks and growth of mold. Check out Cutting Edge Renovations

There are many features that should be considered when updating the look of your bathroom, and the above mentioned are just but a few.  Just remember quality finishes and choosing cutting-edge bathroom renovation designs are the secrets to the perfect, final product.

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